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NameIndigo Les Fleurs Mystiques
BreedPeruvian hairless dog, small
DamCoralyana Del Ngorongoro
BreederChristiane Van Dingenen
OwnerHeidi Vuorinen

What is Jincho like

Small little boy named Indigo that weighted 2100 g came to us from Belgium at 3 months of ageIndigo’s nickname became Jincho and he is a smalllarge dog who is extremely kind and has a friendly character, but has an enormous ego. Jincho is a small Peruvian hairless dog and has been officially measured 34cm.

Finnish Hairless Breeds association’s rewards for Jincho:

Year 2009 Best of the Breed Puppy
Year 2009 Best of the Breed Showdog
Year 2010 Best of the Breed Showdog
Year 2010 Association’s Best Showdog of all the Breeds
Year 2011 Best of the Breed Showdog

Jincho at Finnish Kennel Club’s Database

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