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NameOromuson Bella Bambina
BreedPeruvian hairless dog, medium
DamOromuson Amanda
SireCaa-Allepo Fox
BreederAnne Voutilainen
OwnerHeidi Vuorinen

What is Pesto like

Pesto is already elderly, but a valuable and wise friend who has come to me as a home switcher when she was 7 months old. Still in veteran-age Pesto is in very good condition and a beautiful bitch. Thanks to Pesto I got familiar with this wonderful breed and Pesto, glorious dog that she is, has taken me to the show rings and introduced me to other dog hobbies as well.

Pesto is medium sized peruvian hairless dog that has been officially measured 42 cm.

Finnish Hairless Breeds association’s rewards for Pesto:

Year 2004 Best Showdog of Opposite Sex of the Breed
Year 2005 Best of Breed Showdog
Year 2005 Association’s Best Showdog of all the Breeds
Year 2006 Best Showdog of Opposite Sex of the Breed
Year 2007 Best of Breed Showdog
Year 2007 Association’s Best Showdog of all the Breeds
Year 2011 Best of Breed Veteran
Year 2012 Best of Breed Veteran
Year 2013 Best of Breed Veteran

Pesto at Finnish Kennel Club’s Database

Pesto’s pictures

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