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NameUnay Khuyay Chaniyuq Sumaq
BreedPeruvian hairless dog, small
DamBay's Bushyfur Amalaya Ususi
SireIndigo Les Fleurs Mystiques
BreederHeidi Vuorinen
OwnerHeidi Vuorinen

What is Chani like

Chaniyuq Sumaq is from the language of Quechua, the language that was spoken by the Incas and is now spoken in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina. It means valuable beauty and kindness.

Chani is lovely and beautiful small peruvian hairless dog and she has been officially measured 34 cm. Chani has very lovely character, she is both gentle and friendly but also alert and curious.

I have trained agility and rally obedience with Chani and she is very handy and obedient,  lovely dog to train with.

Finnish Hairless Breeds association‘s rewards for Chani:

Year 2012 Best Puppy of Opposite Sex of the Breed
Year 2013 Best of Opposite Sex of the Breed

Chani at Finnish Kennel Clubs Database

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